Friday, April 29, 2011

6 weeks late . . . oops!

A pictorial essay of Artyr's first 6.5 weeks in America

Artyr and Papa shortly after landing in America

Artyr enjoying our metro ride at the airport.  When riding the subway in
Ukraine, it was very quiet, and no one spoke to each other.  In America,
it was very loud and everyone spoke with everyone.  He probably thought
all Americans were crazy at this point! 

Artyr's "Welcome Home" cake , , , made by Mommy

On Sunday, all of the children who have been recently adopted
came to visit Artyr and here they are with each other and with all
of their new brothers and sisters.  Praise God!
Artyr came to visit the Bloomsburg University chapter of
Play by Faith with Papa.  The students welcomed him to
America with a brand new orange soccer ball!
After receiving the soccer ball from the Play by Faith kids,
we needed to toughen Artyr up a bit; so, he tried on Papa's
Penn State uniform . . . he seems a little tougher already!
(soccer fans, please accept our apologies)
Artyr enjoys spending time with Mama as she reads to
all THREE of our children!

Artyr came along to a Wild Game Banquet that Joe was asked
to speak at in March.  Artyr was the photographer for the evening.
Here, he took a break from taking his 200 photos to get one taken of himself!

Here are Artyr and Papa after the banquet
Artyr attended our church's Men's Retreat at the beginning of
April.  Here, he is goofing around with one of his friends
from youth group, Jordan!
Artyr was able to climb the rock wall at Woodward Camp
(where we held our retreat) . . .
This is a smaller wall that didn't require him to be tied in.
Artyr hanging out with his youth pastor, Mike Durn (left)
and our former pastor, Doug Williams.
We had the opportunity to go roller skating with Anna, Anslee,
Erik, Lena, and Vika as well as Russie and the rest of he and Cheri's
children a couple of weeks ago.  It was a great time and a nice
way to spend a Friday evening with family and friends!
Erik, Artyr, and Bubba relaxing in between skating
Mama and Jordyn posing for a picture while roller skating
One of Artyr's Easter presents . . . he was so excited!

Helping his little sister, Grace, make a basket!

Helping Jordyn, too . . . what a great big brother!
Sometimes, dads have to show their sons that the "old man" still has it . . .
("it" in this case being the ability to dunk on an 8 ft. rim . . .
for those of you who don't know, a normal rim is 10 ft. off the ground).

Our beautiful children (after a hard day of playing)
We had the chance to go watch Dema run in a track meet at
State College High School.  Do you think they look happy?

Thank you all so much for all of your prayers!  We would appreciate your continued prayers as we continue the transition process.  We have been so blessed by what God has done in our lives!  Praise God! 


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You all look wonderful. What an exciting journey!

    Love you!

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  3. Its great to hear how you guys are all doing!! But just one question: where did you guys hang the Canadian Flag that we presented your son??? Cause we would love to see a pic of it in your house somewhere!!